on your left

by buying time

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we would like to thank all of our family and friends for their patience and support.

a special thanks to: Lindsey Balzano, Chloe Wozniak, Tom Malinowski, Sophia Smith, Jesse Wozniak, Phil Landpheel, Jude Lobasso, Jimmy Boyle, Tom Lavechia @ Vekprint, Jayme Spitzer Vega, Kevin Jardim, Dan and Hold A Grudge, Playing Dead, Dead Brides and The Old Ironsides.

Jason Rosenthal, Debra Shultz, Cary Vega and Daniel K. Wozniak.

Min and Lily.


released May 6, 2014

Eddy Balzano-guitar/vocals
Paulie Wozniak-drums
Ron Smith-bass
Tom Dileo-guitar/vocals

(Tom Malinowski-makes noise on "this is not the end")

recorded on april 26th and 27th of 2014 by Tom Malinowski @ cellar door studios. Email: Tom.d.mal@gmail.com for recording inquiries.



all rights reserved


buying time New York

long island based melodic punk/hc band buying time formed in the summer of 2013. influences include hot water music, silent majority, black flag, bad religion, as friends rust, fugazi.

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Track Name: the world has not gone dead

the world has not gone dead, it's just being bled dry
by the time we work up the nerve to say something it's time to say
so say goodbye

there were golden rules the kind you would never break
enough to go around and money to be made
now it's all slash and burn, salt the earth and just move on
fill your pockets pilfer profits before they know you are gone

is this the world you want to leave your kids?
at the hands of corporate interest bought and paid lobbyists

we can't get any clearer than smoke and mirrors
we can't get any higher than our heads above water
sink or swim drown with the best of them

dead eyes to the skies as if "heaven" holds the answers
the debt a pound of flesh for lost keys to cures for cancer

what is done in the dark can't escape the light for long
Track Name: gordian knot

cutting through this life like alexander through the gordian knot
i fell for you like napoleon at waterloo

when life hands you lemons
that bitter taste in your mouth
see the trap for what it is
circle the drain with one way out

i've crossed the rubicon
one more step and i am gone
at hadrian's wall, the end of the earth
the part where we all fall off

we all fall
why cant we give up on everyone who's given up on us?
why cant we let go of everyone who's ever let us down?
Track Name: lesser than or equal to

hey! hey things don't change they don't stay the same
no! no it doesn't mean you have to leave
suddenly no place to go left out in the cold
you left like a thief in the night passing the open windows
out of sight out of mind

we were kids doing stupid shit
running scared, unprepared
fucking up but no one cared
it's all in our heads
as we toss and turn in our beds
why cant those days that never end be the ones that we don't forget?

i thought better of you
what happened to the friend i thought i knew?
lesser than or equal to
no one is better than you

life is at risk when love is the gamble
the keepers kept distance emotionless
hope is at risk when trust it has failed you
don't look back cut ties with the weight of lies
you left like a thief in the night passing the open windows
out of sight out of mind

a thousand yard stare
the distance that keeps you there
Track Name: all your base are belong to us

you're the half-life of an echo out of control
and fading fast iron clad net cast
hold it out as long as you can try, you can try
try to make it last the ever present futures past

bullets raining down from mushroom cloud without a sound

take me down to water's edge
baptized by the rivers bed
trial by fire
i watched it burn but it's not dead
all the worlds a weapon
and the sky it aims to bleed
one hundred million fingers
pointing at you and me

night keeps light in the corner a little further
darkness sets in and night begins
you keep thoughts like prisoners of a war
of a war you never fought
Track Name: introduction to space and time

killing time with every breath
if time could die let it meet it's end
without space and measurement would this be it's death

time and space they both collide
in the time it takes to decide the rest of your life
i'm not giving up til you've had enough
in the seconds that we met i stretched my arms infinite
to hold you here, here with me
i'm not giving up on us
what have you, what have you. whatever that you want to
i'm at your mercy here, i'm at your door my dear

there comes a time when everything you love in this life
(your loss is no great cost)
is laid out on the line and you can't just leave it all behind
runaways never find the best laid plans of mice and men
we never stood a chance
everything has happened is happening this happens is happened

through darkest night through brightest day
you are both time and space
what it means to wait
everywhere and nowhere and nothing in between
i meant every word i said
i mean what i say you are worth the wait
rinse wash repeat a reality we can't beat
this cycle, this circle just like a hamster in it's wheel
perpetually questioning what in this life is real

if time was a flat line, could we fold it on it's side?
could we hide and let time pass us by
touching two points traveling back and forth
like i have only just arrived
out of the fray of the everyday
Track Name: this is not the end

walking wounded, conscious and breathing
last i checked, our hearts are beating
nothing in this life is sure but death and taxes
there is no relief no one relaxes
and the guilt, the guilt it kills
eats you up inside
the well wishes washed away
the truth we try to hide

the words i should have but never said
like i miss you more than you know
too selfish to let you go
from our hearts from our heads
i couldn't accept what happened to you
kept safe in a state of distance
kept myself from the truth
but this is not the end
this is not the end

this is where whiskey won't work
this isn't hell no this is far worse
that voice in the back of your head
saying "what have you done with yourself?"
and that head feels like a bag of cats tied to a city bus
arm and legs grinding gears and levers that just won't work
it's not fair, it's never fair
but it's my entire fault i allowed myself to believe
it's not fair, it's never fair
i never got a chance to say goodbye and this is how i grieve

we come and we go, come and go
and there is no coming back from this
we come and we go, come and go
this is final, this is funeral